The vice president of the People’s Party, Miroslav Aleksic, stated that the “inevitable fall of the regime” of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will begin in next year’s elections, because “the popularity of the government can no longer grow”, since it reached its peak and is now in “free” decline-

“It depends on us how fast the final fall will follow- We should not stand aside and be afraid, because ‘it can be anything’- What can happen, what more can the government do to us, the only thing is that they have not started hanging us yet- “They can’t do anything to us anymore,” Aleksic said at the election assembly of the Municipal Board of the People’s Party Trstenik, it was announced today from that party-

Aleksic pointed out that the People’s Party has 110 serious and functional committees throughout Serbia and that it is strengthening its infrastructure, because “the evil in power cannot be defeated only by appearing on television and tweeting”, but by strong organization and conversation with citizens-

The vice president of the People’s Party stated that “the government is systematically implementing the plan for the retardation of the state and the population”, by pushing “various Dukes, Kebara, Pilja and Risticevic”-

Aleksic added that Rio Tinto is a project that “threatens to conquer Serbia”, because it is not only a question of Loznica, but also of Valjevo, Kosjeric, Pozega, Rekovac, Trstenik, Krusevac, Vranje “

“There are 20 locations in Serbia where they want to dig lithium- There is a catastrophe with a copper mine in Bor, the laws of Serbia do not apply there, the people are fleeing that city,” he said-

Aleksic reminded that Serbia owes 30 billion euros today- according to him, the foreign debt since the SNS came to power has doubled from 15 billion euros to 30-

“The day is approaching when the payment of pensions will be questionable- Citizens will return the 30 euros they received three times more through price increases, excises, reduction of salaries and pensions- The government will give a fist and a hat until the elections, and then we are threatened with ruin,” he said- Aleksic-

He pointed out that “no one has ever robbed so much” as the SNS government does, and added that “Millennium Team” is a company that serves to extract billions of people’s money from the budget, and that the company bought Vranjska Banja for 1, 88 million euros, and then received 10 million euros as a gift from the state-

“This is Vučić’s Serbia, they are so arrogant that there is no more law, rule of law, public procurement, tenders, police, judiciary zato Well, that is why revanchism will await them- Everyone who violated the law and violated moral rules will be held accountable,” he said- is Alčeksić-

Vladan Miodragović was elected president of the Municipal Board of the People’s Party Trstenik-

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