A man suspected of assisting Eitan Biran’s grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, in bringing him to Israel, was arrested today (Friday) in the Italian media. Gabriel Abutbul Alon reportedly was arrested in Limos, a town in Cyprus, after local police tracked down his cell phone.

The report also states that Alon is suspected of being part of an American company of mercenaries employed in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, who are used to moving using sophisticated techniques of evasion and concealment of identity. A European arrest warrant was issued for Alon.

According to investigations, on September 11, Alon helped Eitan’s grandfather abduct him. The report states that Eitan was transported by car to Switzerland and from there to Israel in a private plane rented by Alon a few days earlier, for a sum of 46,000 euros.

It also emerged from the report that Alon introduced himself as an “Israeli lawyer.” He uses an email address that until 2012 served as an American mercenary company called Academi.

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