Extraordinary protest on the streets of Iran: Hundreds of citizens demonstrated today (Friday) against authorities in Isfahan, the third largest city in the country, in protest of the acute shortage of water in the area – according to local and international media reports. The demonstrators threw stones at the police and confronted them, who sprayed tear gas on them. According to reports from the scene, at least one demonstrator was killed.

After about two weeks of silent protest, the protesters were evacuated by “unidentified men” who set fire to their tents. The local news agency Fares wrote that the protesters set fire to a police motorcycle and an ambulance. “They are in groups of 40 to fifty protesters in the streets around the Haju Bridge and their number is estimated at about 300,” the agency said.

The background to the protest is the lack of water in the drying channel of the Zianda Road, the largest river in the area. This protest action was in fact a continuation of the struggle of residents that has been going on for several years, following the diversion of water from the river in favor of supplies to other areas. Water diversion makes it difficult for local farmers, and threatens their livelihoods as their farms become dehydrated daily.

In July, demonstrations erupted over water shortages in the southwest of the country following oil production in the area. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights criticized the deadly shooting of protesters at the time, but the Iranians rejected the allegations. The failed one. “

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