Branko Bačić on reconstruction: ‘Both Banovina and Zagreb are slowly being rebuilt, but a lot has been done so far’

Only a fool is afraid of nothing. I hope we will do a good job. People will judge, he said Branko Bacic in RTL Direkt after being asked if he is afraid of failure as a minister.

The new Minister of Spatial Planning, Construction and State Property pointed out that he has seriously started work on the reconstruction of Banovina and the houses damaged by the earthquake. He revealed what worries him the most.

– The fact that the procedure that has been conducted so far – needs to be significantly changed. It is not easy to simplify the procedures, to see how to speed up the reconstruction for the people who are in the containers first of all, but also to speed up the whole reconstruction in general. Not everything depends on me, we need to establish cooperation with prefects, mayors, contractors… It’s a complex job – he said.

He said that he was not satisfied with the slow renovation of family houses, but that we have the renovation of public buildings and infrastructure.

– A lot was done there. I was in Glina and Petrinja today, I’m visiting Banovina, you can see a lot of infrastructure works on the construction of roads, sewage drains, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, health centers, cultural institutions. But the image is really created by family houses and people in containers – Bačić added.

He referred to the reconstruction of Zagreb.

– And it is going slowly, like Banovina, in the part of private buildings. I was with the mayor of Zagreb, we made a plan in the Ministry, we are going to demolish buildings in Čučerje, Markuševac, in the northern part of Zagreb. I am already contracting the buildings, I expect that we will start building houses in Zagreb before the third anniversary of the earthquake. Now we have to demolish what hasn’t been demolished, contract the works and start building houses – he said.

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