The supreme leader of Iran finalizes an amnesty for “a significant number” of participants in the protests

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has accepted a proposal by the country’s judiciary to “pardon or reduce the sentence of a significant number” of those accused and convicted for their participation in protests against deaths last year in custody. of the young Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini, for allegedly wearing the Islamic headscarf incorrectly, reports the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

In accordance with the terms stipulated by the Judiciary, those accused and convicted who “have not committed espionage, intentional homicide or injuries, or destruction of public property” would be deserving of said amnesty.

According to the NGO Hrana, a total of approximately 19,600 people have been detained since the outbreak of the protests, of which 713 have already been sentenced by an Iranian court. At least four people have been executed and 109 are threatened with the possibility of ending up on death row.

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