Iraqi father kills daughter who filmed Youtube videos

The Iraqi Interior Ministry said the father of 22-year-old Tiba al-Ali was detained on suspicion of killing a girl who became widely known thanks to videos she posted on the Youtube social network.

Tiba, who was in a quarrel with her family, lived permanently in Turkey. At the end of January, she came to Iraq to reach reconciliation through the mediation of the police. On January 31, she was killed by her father, who confessed to the crime, saying that his daughter allegedly dishonored the family.

Domestic violence is not a criminal offense in Iraq. International human rights organizations and Iraqi activists demanded the immediate adoption of the bill, which was submitted to parliament back in 2014.

The law is opposed by conservative circles of almost all Iraqi denominations. They argue that civic activists are trying to use legislation to strike at the traditional way of life in Iraq.

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