Selaković: Dutch investors praise Serbia because they did not encounter corruption during their business
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković said today in The Hague that during the meeting with Dutch investors, praise was heard about all the benefits of investing in Serbia, including that they did not encounter corruption during their business.He met with representatives of some of the Dutch companies operating in Serbia, as well as with a representative of the Dutch Agency for Entrepreneurship, which operates in the system of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia announced.

Organizing smaller business forums during bilateral visits is a new practice in the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, said Selaković.

According to the statement, Heineken and Deleuze were among the nine companies at the forum.

“On the one hand, this is important because it invests in Serbia, and then exports from it, and on the other hand, it is politically important. is investor-friendly, with a significantly lower level of bureaucratic barriers, “Selakovic said.

He said that praise was heard at the meeting about all the benefits of investing in Serbia, including that Dutch investors did not encounter corruption during their business in Serbia. All that, according to the head of Serbian diplomacy, makes the image of Serbia as the economic leader of the region.

The president of the Dutch-Serbian Business Association, Bojan Leković, said after the forum that the goal of that association is to help the Serbian economy by attracting as many investments as possible.

Selakovic in the Netherlands: Serbia has done a lot in the field of reforms and expects that to be valued

Today in The Hague, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Selaković talked with Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Ben Knapen about Serbia’s European path, the “Open Balkans” initiative, the situation in the region, as well as the deepening of political and economic cooperation. When it comes to Serbia’s European path, Selakovic said after the meeting that he told his Dutch counterpart what Serbia has done in the field of economic reforms, as well as reforms in the field of rule of law, strengthening the rule of law, and that the number and volume of foreign investments .

“These investments will not come anywhere if the country is insecure, if there is no stable and predictable legal system,” Selakovic said.

He emphasized that Serbia expects that “what we have done so far will be evaluated in an appropriate way, and we are convinced that we have done a lot.”

Selaković said that the Netherlands was nominally the largest investor in the Serbian economy from 2010 to 2020, that Dutch companies invested 8.5 billion euros in that period, and that at the moment Dutch companies in Serbia employ more than 17,000 workers.

He assessed that the significance of his visit to the Netherlands is manifold, considering that, not only 14 years have passed since the last Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia visited The Hague, but also because the year 2021 marks 130 diplomatic relations between the two countries. , it is stated in the announcement of the relevant ministry.

The Netherlands is especially interested in the situation in our region, the position of Serbia and the attitude towards the challenges that the region is facing are important to it, said Selaković.

He pointed out that the Dutch support for the “Open Balkans” initiative is a great encouragement for Serbia.

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