The main board of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) accused Serbia today of, as they stated, frequent usurpatory attacks on BiH resources.

The conclusions published after the session of the SDA Main Board state that the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Drina River and the airport in Trebinje “represent a drastic violation of BiH’s sovereignty” and “illegal arrangements”.

“We draw the attention of the domestic and world public that the remains of 43 victims were found at the Buk Bijela site, where the cornerstone was laid for the hydroelectric power plant. Considering that there are reasonable suspicions that the remains of an even larger number of victims are hidden there, act as soon as possible upon the report of the Association of Victims of Foča 92.95, suspend construction and investigate the site “, it is emphasized in the conclusions.

The SDA called on EU member states and the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council (PIK) in BiH to impose sanctions on the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency and the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Milorad Dodik, due to secessionist threats.

The introduction of sanctions for all those who threaten the Dayton Peace Agreement was requested, and the announcement of US President Joseph Biden on the expansion of the so.called blacklists for the countries of the Western Balkans.

The main board of the SDA rejected any attempt to get the so.called “non.paper” or other means of political and diplomatic action calls into question the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH.

“There can not and will not be any ‘peaceful split’ or separation of any inch of BiH territory, which is constantly threatened by Milorad Dodik. With his policy, Milorad Dodik will not lead to the disintegration of BiH, but may endanger peace and stability to the detriment of all citizens. to the detriment of RS’s own people and entities, “the conclusions said.

The SDA CSO welcomed BiH’s NATO path, as well as the election of Christian Schmidt as the new High Representative in BiH, since when they expect him to show determination in order to “remove obstructions that hinder the functioning of BiH institutions.“

They asked the current High Representative, Valentin Inzko, to repeal decisions in RS on the decoration of persons convicted of war crimes by the end of his term, as well as to impose
Law on the Prohibition of Genocide Denial.

The SDA welcomed the pronouncement of the final sentence of life imprisonment to the war commander of the RS Army, criminal Ratko Mladic, before the Hague Tribunal, stating that in that way almost the entire war political and military leadership of RS was convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity and other serious crimes.

They complained to The Hague tribunal that he “committed a historical injustice because he did not rule that, in addition to Srebrenica, genocide was committed in the municipalities of Foca, Vlasenica, Kljuc, Sanski Most, Kotor Varos and Prijedor.“

CSO SDA welcomed the adoption of the Resolution in the Parliament of Montenegro which condemns the genocide in Srebrenica and prohibits its denial.

The conclusions expressed concern over the reactions of current political and religious representatives of the Serbian people, both in RS and Serbia, following the Mladic verdict and the adoption of the Resolution and ban on genocide denial in the Montenegrin Parliament.

They warned of, as they assessed, a new wave of Serbian nationalism, which through “advocating the so.called ‘Serbian world’ threatens to revive the spirits from the dark and tragic 90s of the last century”.

The SDA Main Board adopted as many as 26 conclusions, including one criticizing the passivity of the BiH Council of Ministers, especially regarding the fight against the coronavirus, resolving the migrant crisis, as well as the adoption of reform laws needed to meet the European Commission’s opinion. candidate status for the EU.

“We appreciate that the passivity of the chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, and the actions of the ministers are intentional and in the function of a policy that wants to passivate the work of institutions at the state level,” the conclusions read.

The SDA asked the party leadership to consider initiating the dismissal of the BiH Council of Ministers in the near future, if there are no concrete results, but praised the actions of its ministers Silma Cikotic (Minister of Security) and Bisera Turkovic (Minister of Foreign Affairs).

The work of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH was assessed as unprofessional and biased, while the activities of the Government of the Federation of BiH, headed by SDA Prime Minister Fadil Novalić, were supported.

CSO SDA called on the Presidency of BiH to finally ensure the signing of an agreement between the state of BiH and the Islamic Community in BiH, in order to eliminate the existing discrimination of the Islamic Community in BiH in relation to the Catholic Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The conclusions welcomed the decision of the SDA Presidency not to participate in the unconstitutional “entity.people negotiations” initiated by the SNSD through the RS National Assembly.

“The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be discussed between the entities or the three peoples, but exclusively within the competent state institutions, primarily in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the conclusions said.

CSO SDA supported the position of the party leadership that talks on changes to the election legislation and the BiH Constitution are no longer held only between SDA.HDZ, but exclusively in a format that includes all parliamentary parties, domestic and foreign legal experts, CEC representatives and the NGO sector.

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