On the way to renewing the nuclear agreement?  “The Iranians came to Vienna to attract time”

Sima Shane, head of the Iran program at the Institute for National Security Studies, spoke today (Tuesday) with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on their program on 103FM about the renewed nuclear talks in Vienna this week and assessed how the situation is expected to develop.

In her opening remarks, Shane said: “Unfortunately I have nothing optimistic, we are in a very complex situation. Almost all options are less good for Israel, and when we look at what could be – the Iranians arrived with an economic delegation and the message is very clear, we came to talk about lifting sanctions. Always, the problem is the “United States that came out of the agreement.”

“I think the Iranians came to take time, and not sure that in order to blow up a nuclear facility. The Iranians are very careful and they understand the implications, and you have to remember that in order to get to a nuclear explosion, they have to do more, and they can not be sure.” “I’m still not sure. I’m also not sure they want the explosion, maybe they want to be a threshold state but right on the threshold, which means in a situation where they have all the components, they need three weeks to bomb. They are getting close there.”

On the proximity to the bomb: “There is no doubt that the Iranians are in the closest place and much closer to where they were from before the signing of the nuclear agreement. We wrote that the idea of ​​leaving the agreement is not good because there is no guarantee that economic pressure will change Iran.” .

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