Pristina authorities have decided to increase the number of Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) by about 20 percent next year, from 4,000 to 4,800 people, according to the Balkan Security Network portal.

“The government in Pristina will thus be the only one in Europe that will double the number of soldiers in five years. The KSF Law from December 2018 envisages the number of 5,000 people under arms, and that level will be reached gradually. Before the law is passed, those forces are had 2,426 people in uniform, and 2,500 in terms of the number of formation positions, “the text reads.

The portal reminds that at the end of 2020, the KSF had about 3,600 people in active composition, and that the plan was to increase the number to 4,039 formation places by the end of 2021.

“The plan for 2022 is even more ambitious. It is planned that the Ministry of Defense and Security Forces will have 4,879 people on their salaries, of which 4,653 are in the security forces. If they have fulfilled the personnel plan for this year, it means that in 2022 “In 2021, the number will be about 20 percent higher. That’s twice as much as in 2017, when the Kosovo Security Force had just under 2,500 people,” it added.

The total budget of the Ministry of Defense and the KSF is around 102 million euros, of which a third is intended for salaries.

For 2023, the defense budget is expected to grow to 116 million euros, and in 2024 to about 135 million euros.

“There is no specification of the number of people, but it is assumed that there will be no more than 5,000 people provided by law.

This is the largest increase in the number of people since 2008, when the authorities in Pristina unilaterally declared independence and formed security forces, “the portal writes.

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