The Vice President of Healthy Serbia, Vojislav Milosevic, stated today that the adoption of the Resolution on Srebrenica in the Parliament of Montenegro was “shameful” and that the procedure was “turned against the interests of Serbia and the Serbian people as a whole.”

Milosevic said that “many bodies were placed as Muslim victims, and they belonged to Serbs who were killed in and around Srebrenica”, and that there were “many” reasons why questions about the “alleged massacre” would never be asked.

“One of the reasons is that this alleged massacre was in favor of the need (former US President Bill) of the Clinton administration and at the same time Muslims and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The constant repetition of the alleged Serbian genocide helped to justify the need already “Such a scenario provided important moral support for further Western and NATO interventions to project force and the alleged liberation of other countries from tyrannical regimes in other countries,” he told a news conference at the party’s headquarters.

Milosevic recalled a study by Gideon Greif, an Israeli historian and president of the Independent International Commission on the suffering of all peoples in the Srebrenica region between 1992 and 1995, which stated that no genocide took place in Srebrenica and that the number of Bosniak victims did not exceed 3,174.

If someone in the history of the world committed genocide, then “the Croatian people did it,” Milosevic said.

“What happened to the ‘Flash’ and ‘Storm’ actions carried out by the Croatian state in 1995, when they expelled 250,000 Serbs and killed more than 2,000 in a few days? Is that genocide? The European Union, of which Croatia is the youngest member “There are no words, no rumors about that, which means that the European Union agrees with the persecution of Serbs,” he said.

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