22 hours of anxiety have come to an end: Japan is in turmoil following the story of a 69-year-old local fisherman who was absent and waited to be rescued on a fishing boat for almost a full day – until rescue forces finally reached him and saved his life. The case was given the headline in the local media: “Miracle”.

The fisherman, whose name has not been revealed, spent the long moments of drama alone on his fishing boat in southwestern Kagoshima, near several famous tourist islands in the area. During those hours he was able to make contact with another fisherman who was on a nearby island, but it took the rescuers almost an entire day to locate and rescue him. The rescuers identified him sitting on the boat engine, holding one of his blades in order not to fall into the stormy sea water.

“He was out there at sea for 22 hours,” said one of the Coast Guard personnel who took part in rescuing him. “I’m overwhelmed by this man’s survival abilities.” In dramatic documentation from the moments of rescue, the rescuing forces are heard calling out to him: “We are coming, hold on just a little longer! Be strong!”.

The older fisherman managed during his stay on his boat to wrap himself in a plastic sheet that was with him, which helped his hands maintain his body heat and not suffer from hypothermia. “It’s a miracle he survived,” the rescuers said, “no less.”

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