Unverified reports of an explosion incident in the Natanz area, Iran

Reports of another security / exceptional event in the area of the city of Natanz in Iran, the city where Iran’s central nuclear facility is located.

Some of the incidents talk about explosions, and some claim the downing of a plane / drone. Some have reported the operation of an anti-aircraft systems.

The Iranian news agency Fars reported tonight on a loud explosion that was heard in the area of the city of Natanz. According to Iranian media, the explosion took place in the city of Badrud near Natanz.
The Iranian news agency reported that the explosion was about 20 km from the nuclear facility in Natanz.

“The explosion near Natanz – an experiment in a defense system that intercepts any threat”
Iranian television reported that according to the commander of the Iranian air defense system in the Natanz area, the reason for the explosion in the city of Badrud near Natanz, 20 km from the nuclear facilities, is an experiment in an air defense system “designed to intercept any potential threat.”

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