Today, the President of the City Board of the People’s Party (NS) for Novi Sad, Borislav Novaković, called on the mayor of that city, Miloš Vučević, to resign and call early local elections, stating that yesterday’s events during the citizens’ protest showed that the city government has no support.

“In the time to come, the gap between those in power and the real mood of the citizens will be bigger. That is why early local elections are a way to calm tensions and get Novi Sad an assembly that realistically reflects the mood of its citizens,” Novakovic said. written statement.

Novakovic said that “yesterday’s conflict on the Sloboda Bridge started when a personal friend of Milos Vucevic and the owner of the Montop HRS company Marko Bosanac Boske approached from behind and punched one of the participants in the protest with his fist,” and that a person who has already been convicted of violent behavior “.

According to Novakovic, “in the recent political history of Novi Sad, there is no mayor who has identified so much with his party.”

“Instead of having the greatest distance from his own party and acting unifying and unifying, he constantly creates tensions and brings discord, openly insulting citizens who do not think like his Serbian Progressive Party,” Novakovic wrote.

He said early elections in Novi Sad or constant protests, adding that Vucevic’s mandate “opened the door wide to organized crime”.


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