Dveri: Why is the government silent on the celebration of separatism in Belgrade

The Serbian movement Dveri today asked the authorities in Serbia why they allowed the anniversary of Kosovo’s declaration of independence to be celebrated in Belgrade, in the Liaison Office of Pristina, and assessed that it was a serious scandal.

“It is a serious scandal because in the capital of Serbia, right before our eyes, secessionism in our southern province is being celebrated. In that act, the member of the Parliament of Serbia, Ĺ aip Kamberi, took part, who, for the umpteenth time, violates the Constitution. The current government did not speak out on this issue for a single moment, which represents an even bigger scandal,” the announcement states.

Dveri believes that the silence of the authorities of the Serbian Progressive Party and the Socialist Party of Serbia cannot be understood in any other way than as approval of this event.

“All this tells us that the government is silently working on ‘preparing the ground’ for the future signing of the Franco-German ultimatum, which would actually recognize the independence of Kosovo and Metohija by Serbia,” the statement added.

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