The leaders of the Twenty-seven have endorsed this Thursday the offer to Turkey for a positive agenda with the modernization of the customs union and the renewal of the migratory pact, as the main points to relaunch the relationship.

“The European Council reiterates the EU’s readiness to engage with Turkey in enhanced cooperation through a gradual, proportionate and reversible approach in a series of areas of common interest,” the conclusions agreed by the Heads of State and of Government of the Union during the summit in Brussels.

The Twenty-seven want to redirect the link with Ankara and for this they give the go-ahead at the beginning of technical work for the modernization of the customs union. On cooperation in migration matters, the leaders ask the European Commission to propose a closed proposal to continue financing the reception of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Brussels has already launched a first initiative by which it proposes to dedicate 3,000 million euros to support refugees in Turkey until 2024. In this way, the support of the EU for migration management will be maintained in exchange for Turkish cooperation to stop the flow of immigrants to Europe.


Although the situation in the eastern Mediterranean has improved in recent months and the EU diagnosis of Turkey’s attitude is positive, leaders continue to express their reluctance regarding the situation in Cyprus and domestic rule of law issues. Turkey.

The leaders focus on the solution to the conflict in Cyprus and regret that the contacts in Geneva sponsored by the United Nations have not served to resume negotiations.

And they dismiss the situation of fundamental rights as a “main concern” in bilateral relations. “The targeting of political parties and the press represents a setback to Human Rights and goes against Turkey’s obligations to respect democracy, the rule of law and women’s rights,” the conclusions pointed out, reiterating that the EU will maintain dialogue with Ankara on these issues.

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