Finland: The military wants to buy F.35s

Finland’s next fighter jet will probably be Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Vapor. The Finnish army recommends that the Ministry of Defense decide that the US evader has won a competition that has been going on for several years and will be the future fighter jet.

The media in Finland reported from several security and political sources that the military had chosen the American plane to replace old F-18 fighter jets. This is a $ 10 billion contract.

The U.S. State Department already approved at the end of last year the Finnish procurement deal that includes 64 F-35s, spare parts, logistical support, armament and training.

The military bases the choice on the aircraft’s performance as reflected in a series of tests passed on an evasive aircraft that was specially brought to Finland for this purpose. Next, the military must prepare a proposal for the Finnish government for the procurement deal.

Helsinki explains that the government does not have to accept the army’s offer, but does not assume that this will happen. The Finnish government has ministers who prefer a European fighter jet. Therefore, the Helsinki newspapers write, it is early for the celebrations at Lockheed Martin “but it is already allowed to cool the champagne”.

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