Finnish Prime Minister Sana Marin was forced to apologize this week after it became clear she was out celebrating at a nightclub even though her advisers advised her to stay in preventive isolation as she was staying with a person infected with the corona virus.

On Saturday night, Marin, 36, went out with friends to spend the night at a nightclub in Helsinki, despite the fact that a few hours earlier she had received an update from her aides that the foreign minister, Camke Avisto, had been found positive for the virus.

According to the corona regulations in Finland, citizens who are twice vaccinated are not required to be isolated even if they have been in contact with an infected person and therefore the Prime Minister did not violate the regulations when she went out to have fun. However, when her photos were published in a gossip magazine reporting that the prime minister had danced and stayed at the club until four in the morning, members of the opposition rushed to attack Marin and accused her of irresponsible conduct and poor judgment.

Cam Havisto (Photo: REUTERS / Johanna Geron)

Marin initially claimed that her assistants sent her a text message on Saturday night offering to enter preventive isolation, however she received the message only on Sunday morning, and that by then she had managed to enter isolation and perform a test that turned out to be negative.

In the end, Marin issued a public apology for her conduct. “I should have exercised better judgment and checked the instructions I received,” the young world prime minister wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “I’m sorry I did not realize I had to do this.”

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