Police are unable to get the models to complain, and Hogeg is expected to be released under house arrest

The owners of Beitar Jerusalem, who is suspected of a series of sexual offenses, money laundering and investor fraud, are expected to be released under house arrest by next Tuesday. The police are still far from the summary stage and an indictment is not yet in sight.

In the coming days, businessman Moshe Hogeg, the owner of Beitar Jerusalem, is expected to be released under house arrest.

The source involved in the investigation told Ynet that investigators from the National Unit for Fraud Investigations in Blade 433 are still far from the summary stage. As for suspicions regarding the exploitation of models, no complainant has yet arrived to tell about the luxury apartment of a celebrant who was allegedly funded by his friends’ money and used to photograph them without knowing in intimate situations. The researchers, it should be noted, hold dozens of videos of women who stayed in an apartment in Tel Aviv, which include, among other things, documentation of sex and drug use.

Investigators collected testimonies from several young women who appeared in the videos, including models, but all refused to complain and cooperate with the police. No complaints, at this stage of the investigation – no criminal offense is suspected, but the police continue to investigate until the investigation is completed. According to the same source, “at the moment there are no complainants, and watching videos does not see any suspicion of crime. The young women we approached chose not to complain.”

In parallel with the sex offenses, the suspect is charged with, among other things, offenses of prohibition of money laundering, conspiracy to commit a crime, theft by a licensee, receiving anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, intentional omission of income, false registration in corporation documents and offenses under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. Along with him, seven other suspects were arrested for fraud offenses in the field of cryptocurrencies amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels.

According to the source, the expected release of a celebrant who is due to take effect by next Tuesday, will not stop the investigation that is being conducted against him on suspicion of offenses of investing investors in virtual currencies. “The investigation will continue to be conducted, and by the nature of economic investigations of this magnitude – the investigation lasts for months even when the suspect is not in custody.”

Celebrating was arrested on November 18, and since then his detention has been extended several times, with his consent. The last detention extension was on Tuesday in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion, until next Tuesday, December 14 – when the 30 days that detention against a suspect can be extended without the approval of the Attorney General will end.

Under the conditions of his release, he will be able to be released under full house arrest if he deposits NIS 10 million in cash, signs a guarantee of another NIS 20 million and in addition two guarantors – his wife and sister-in-law – will each sign a guarantee of another NIS 20 million. In addition, he was required not to contact the other suspects arrested in the case, who have meanwhile been released under house arrest and have a restraining order on their identities.

Last Friday, the court allowed the publication of the sexual offenses in which the businessman is suspected. Police attribute to celebrating a husband prohibited by consent, bringing a person into prostitution, bringing a minor into dangerous drugs, banning alcohol for minors, sodomy, human trafficking, indecent act, publicity and display of abomination, causing the state to leave for prostitution, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy.

Hogeg’s defense attorneys, Amit Hadad and Moshe Mazor, stated: “In order to exhaust the investigation in his case and bring it to an end, the parties agreed on a further six-day extension. We welcome the police decision to release him at the end of this period. Moshe Hogeg continues to cooperate with His interrogators, and he believes and is sure of his innocence. “

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