At least 53 people were killed and dozens injured in a truck overturn in Mexico, which housed over 100 Central American immigrants. According to local sources, the cause of the fatal accident could be the weight of the human cargo that caused the truck to overturn at a bend in a highway near the capital of Chiapas.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene said more migrants were on the truck when it crashed, but fled for fear of being stopped by immigration agents. Meanwhile, a paramedic said some of those who fled to the surrounding neighborhoods were bleeding or bruised, but still limped away in desperation to escape.

Talks with the survivors indicate that the migrants boarded a truck near the border with Gutamela, and paid between $ 2,500 and $ 3,500 to move to the city of Puebla. Their next destination was to be the U.S. border, which they planned to reach with the help of a group of immigrant smugglers.

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