Cases of the omicron variant skyrocket in Denmark, to 1,280

Cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus have skyrocketed in a single day by 60 percent in Denmark, where 1,280 positives linked to this new SARS-CoV-2 mutation, detected for the first time in South Africa, have already been confirmed.

Denmark, which is characterized by a higher level of sample sequencing than other countries, had only 18 cases of this new variant a week ago and, as of Thursday, the provisional balance was 796, according to statistics published by the national institute infectious diseases.

The director of this body, Henrik Ullum, has recognized that at this point the spread of the variant is already “very fast” in Denmark, which is why he has urged citizens to get vaccinated. The vaccine “is our most powerful weapon at the moment,” he stressed.

Ullum has recognized that some indications suggest that the omicron variant is better than others for drug protection, but is confident that completing the immunization schedule will at least serve to protect the population from suffering a serious COVID-19 picture.

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