An unusual event in Lebanon: At least ten people were killed this evening (Friday) in a huge explosion in the Burj al-Shamali camp located in the southern Lebanese city of Tzur. It is apparently an ammunition depot allegedly used by Hamas, the Al-Arabiya network reported.

A Hamas source claimed, according to a report in Al-Arabiya: “A fire broke out in a mosque in the Burj al-Shamli camp and spread to the area where ammunition was kept.” According to local media reports, the fire was brought under control, and the Lebanese army arrived on the scene and began preventing entry and exit from the camp.

According to an official Lebanese news agency, the court ordered the security forces to open an investigation into the incidents. In addition, according to the Hamas news agency affiliated with Hamas, the explosion was apparently caused by the ignition of oxygen tanks stored at the site.

As you may recall, in August last year there was a huge explosion in the port of Beirut, which claimed the lives of about 135 people. After the explosion, several speculations arose about the circumstances that led to the explosion. In the bio-permit, the Hezbollah organization was accused of causing the incident, and it was also speculated that it was an inadequate treatment of the ammonium nitrate held in the port of Beirut.

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