Dumanović: Criminalization in the Ministry of the Interior has been going on since the SNS took over all security services

Former operative of the Criminal Police Directorate (UKP) Milan Dumanović stated today that the verdict of the Administrative Court, which annulled the decision on his dismissal and returned it to the disciplinary commission for a new decision, means that “the disciplinary commission must return him to work in the MUP”. but to expect her to “try to play the law.”

Dumanovic said at the forum “Abuse of Justice for Political Purposes” held in the premises of the “Oslobodjenje” movement that two years ago the Administrative Court ruled in his favor and annulled the decision to dismiss the disciplinary commission, which then stated that “disciplinary proceedings can to be conducted only against the employee “.

He said that he assumed that he would “make such a decision” even now, and added that in the case of his persecution from the UCP, “it can be seen when this kind of criminalization of society starts”, which, as he stated, started with the arrival of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) to power, and 24 disputed privatizations “.

I participated in everyone, from Agrobanka to Mišković. They were blackmailed to work for the SNS and since then they have become members of the SNS, anyone who does not want to be arrested, and the SNS completes the takeover of all security services in 2014 after the elections. completely security services in Serbia and for the first time we have such a criminalization in the Ministry of the Interior “, said Dumanović, who is also one of the founders of the Oslobodjenje movement.

He said that the Criminal Police Directorate got an acting “who doesn’t ask anything” and that she got Vladimir Rebić as the director in 2016, when he stated that “in 2012 he was on the measures of the UKP and should have been arrested.” for forging a diploma.

“He was the deputy chief of the traffic police, and that arrest did not happen because something that should not have emerged, related to the police and the MUP, and that is how the case ended. After that, the SNS practically takes over the UKP,” Dumanovic said.

According to him, “the Department for secrecy and security of data is being created within the cabinet of the Minister (MUP) and that department is headed by Ivan Ristic”.

As he stated, former state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Dijana Hrkalović, also took part in all the scandals since 2014, and was “brought to the Ministry of the Interior to clean the UKP of yellow personnel”, against whom he filed a complaint for trading in influence in 2016. “She was arrested in 2021 for such an act and not for the same case.”

“UKP ​​was criminalized to the extent that all those who tried to work according to the law and regulations in the Ministry of the Interior were expelled. Diana Hrkalović was appointed to clear the way so that the SNS could earn money through cooperation with the criminal clan,” he said. is Dumanovic.

According to him, after the split of the Kotor clan into two parts “due to the missing 200 kilograms of cocaine”, everyone in the Ministry of the Interior “starts working exclusively on the Skalj clan, and practically the people from Kavač do not work”.

Regarding the news that Dijana Hrkalović was released from custody today to defend herself on charges of trading in influence, Dumanović said that she “would have to answer for much more serious acts than trading in influence”, as well as in the Security Department and the secrecy of the data in the Ministry of the Interior still finds “those 30 people who are still doing what they should not be doing in the Ministry of the Interior”.

“There are many more than 30. The UKP is completely devastated and there are still people who should ask themselves. As long as the SNS is in power, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not work,” Dumanovic said.

He pointed out that the cooperation between the employees of the Ministry of the Interior and the Kavac clan “continued without any problems until 2019”, and that the French state launched an action after the murder of Nikola Stanisic, who was a French citizen in Montenegro.

Dumanović added that “the French police extracted 800 photos from the Skype application”, and that he did not expect that, while the SNS is in power, they will find out what is in the photos.

According to him, the “Savamala” case is “an incredible violation of all freedoms and rights of all citizens of Belgrade.”

“We already knew who participated the next day. These are people who get jobs from the SNS from all municipalities in Serbia, among them were members of the fan group, to my knowledge there were eight police officers from the Belgrade Police Brigade,” he said. Dumanovic, who added that “no proceedings have ever been initiated”.

According to the media, private buildings in the Belgrade neighborhood of Savamala were demolished by a group of masked people with an excavator on the night after the parliamentary and local elections on April 24, 2016, and the perpetrators and the perpetrators have not been found to date.

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