An Israeli traveler was rescued after being captured for a day in a glacier in Argentina

An Israeli traveler was rescued last night after being trapped for about 24 hours in the heart of a glacier near the city of Ushuaia in southern Argentina. According to local media reports, the hiker apparently climbed the Ujo del Albino glacier alone. At some point, it is estimated, is trapped in a vertical position outside the climbing path.

The aid organization that rescued the hiker said that “a tour guide who passed by reported reporting that he heard a person’s cries for help. After receiving the message and after mapping the area, a delegation of seven rescuers equipped with ropes and technical equipment was recruited.” It was further reported that “until that moment there was no accurate information about his medical condition and the assessment was that he was trapped in a cliff at the top of the mountain”.

According to the rescuers, the rescue took several hours and hours. The traveler was diagnosed with hypothermia, cuts on his face and fractures in his limbs. A helicopter called to the scene, took him to the local hospital for medical treatment.

The traveler commented on the incident and in a post he posted on Instagram said: “I went for a walk in Ushuaia and fell about 10 meters. I waited for rescue for 24 hours, cut off without absorption and food, on the way I broke my pelvis and elbow. When I was found I was on the verge of death from hypothermia. .

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