Selaković and Gujon handed out aid to 35 Serbian households in Bosanski Petrovac
Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković and the Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region Arno Gujon visited the municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, where they handed over aid to 35 Serbian households engaged in agriculture within the Federation of BiH .Selaković and Gujon handed over agreements on the donation of 35 pregnant heifers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.
The head of Serbian diplomacy said that his “full heart” is that today he sees diligent, hard-working and brave people who are engaged in cattle breeding.

“Serbs and Bosniaks are sitting here. It’s not good only when one is good, there is no good. We all have to work much harder to make us all better, and if we all work together, then the chances of us getting better are much better.” , the minister said.

He added that in the next three months, another 27 families will receive heifers as help.

Gujon said that the Administration he heads has launched projects for the economic empowerment of Serb returnee families in the Federation of BiH in the total value of 9,162,000 dinars.

“We have divided it into three projects on the territory of Bosanski Petrovac, Grahovo and Posavina. These are pilot projects, the first of its kind that the Administration launched with local Serbian non-governmental organizations this year. Support to Serbian households engaged in livestock and agriculture aims to create self-sustaining family economies, “Gujon said.

He also said that the goal is to form a cooperative that will gather Serbian farmers, about 40 households with more than 140 members.

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