More than 24 tornadoes have hit six states in the United States, and the death toll continues to rise. Today (Saturday) it was reported that at least 70 people were killed following a tornado in Kentucky.

According to Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir, the number of victims could exceed 100: “The devastation is unlike anything I have ever seen. We were sure we lost more than 50 people, now the number has risen to at least 70. It could reach more than 100. until the end of the day”.

Some of the worst devastation was in Mayfield, a small town of about 10,000 residents in the far western part of Kentucky, where the state borders Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. About 110 people were inside a candle-making factory in the area when the tornado hit, knocked down the roof and caused many injuries to property and property, according to the governor.

Kiana Parsons-Perez, who was inside the plant, said the roof collapsed shortly after workers began to hear and feel the hollow winds and lights began to flicker. In the early hours, more than 56,000 people in Kentucky were without electricity, Bashir said. He declared a state of emergency and deployed dozens of national guards.

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