Austria ends lockdown for vaccinated population

Austria ends this Sunday the three weeks of confinement for the vaccinated population, one of the series of measures decreed to stop the spread of cases in the country.

Unvaccinated people will continue to be subject to confinement restrictions and must remain at home except for specific cases, such as buying food, going to the doctor or exercising.

The population that has received the vaccine will be able to resume their visits to public spaces from a day on which the largest demonstration to date is being prepared in the city of Salzburg against coronavirus measures and mandatory vaccination in the city.

There, according to the Police, around 4,500 participants have already begun to march through the city in an initiative championed by the Freedom Party.

Since the start of the confinement, the number of new cases has plummeted in the small Alpine country. On Friday, Austria reported 367.5 new infections per 100,000 residents, up from 1,102.4 on the first day of the shutdown in November.

The Austrian government is preparing a bill that provides fines of up to 3,600 euros to people who do not get vaccinated against the coronavirus, in an attempt to increase vaccination figures amid a rebound in cases, as revealed on Thursday by the Minister for the Constitution and the EU, Karoline Edtstadler.

The project is scheduled to come into effect on February 10, valid until 2024, and will affect all people over 14 years of age. The fines will range between 600 and 3,600 euros, although fined people will be able to avoid payment if they are vaccinated.

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