Environmental activist Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta stated that he did not know what caused so much anger among some opposition leaders towards him and why he was accused of participating in the founding of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), ie of playing the role played by Beli Preletačević in previous elections. Luka Maksimović).

“My idea is to help this government move away, because it leads us directly to ruin,” Jovanovic said in an interview with the Beta agency.

He said that he feels bad when he has to justify himself and deny that the SNS is behind him.

“If anyone has proof that I founded the SNS, let them present that proof. Where is that signature? It is not there, they will never find it. For the last five years, I have been sleeping in village houses, guarding bridges, hanging out in landfills, police stations. I gather people in villages, towns, squares, talk to academics, shepherds … I don’t know how many court applications I have, and everything that the movement to which I belong worked, but also me, is clearly visible. that we have disabled the operation and construction of all mini hydro power plants, and not only on Stara Planina, “he said.

Jovanovic reiterated that he was preparing for the Belgrade elections and that, in cooperation with other environmental movements from Belgrade, he was creating a program.

“It is not easy to gather people for anything, and we are where we are. Now we are thinking about what is rational. I would go together with ‘Let’s not drown Belgrade’, along with the Assembly of Free Serbia, there is also (Nebojsa) Zelenovic as a potential candidate “, said Jovanović.

Speaking about what, apart from ecology, could be the platform of that movement, Jovanović said that these are the topics that are of most interest to Belgraders, ie health, education, traffic …

“The condition for that is that everyone sacrifices and gets into it. One movement, or several movements, can’t get into something called politics and elections without everyone else patting them on the shoulder and saying, ‘We support you, and go and sacrifice yourself. That is impossible, everyone must do it. In the end, they will have to talk to the opposition, when the time comes for the elections, to see if cooperation is possible. If the idea is to bring down in “SNS in Belgrade, everyone must do that together, regardless of what we think of each other,” he said.

He added that now is the opportunity for the opposition to think a little, to stand by the activists, to forget its party interests and put them in the background, and to support the citizens who are on the same side and have the same goal.

“Let everyone join it, all public figures, and all those who have some influence on social life, and let us all do it together, if that is our goal. It is for me. That is why I intend to get into this, and whether I will enter, as things stand now, to be honest, I don’t know, but I have been subjected to severe attacks, accusations that I am something I am not, “he said.

Jovanovic said that his lack of political experience was both an advantage and a disadvantage, and reminded that he did not even know how to defend rivers, before he accepted the job.

According to him, the future of the country is in political changes, which is why Serbia must change its government in order to preserve its people and natural resources.

“Why are 80 percent of our springs given to foreigners? I am explicitly against giving what our water is to anyone, even if it is leased, it is our water. Whose is all this, whose water, forest, land, whose our natural resources, resources, whose is it? It is up to us to preserve it at any cost, because it is the last minute for it. In many places in Serbia I have seen that local communities are stable and live from agriculture and tourism, and I see the future, ”he said.

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