Iranian official: “We have not received any offer so far in talks in Vienna”

The end of nuclear talks? Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagiri, told the Iranian television channel PRESS TV today (Sunday) that “the countries are unable to find a solution regarding the lifting of sanctions due to disagreements.” Bagiri also noted that the removal of US sanctions and interest The Iranian nuclear program is the bedrock of the dispute between the two sides in talks in Vienna.

“The gaps between the parties were clearly seen in the last draft submitted at the end of the sixth round of talks in Vienna. The gaps are many and varied,” he added, adding that in recent days a number of meetings with experts and representatives have been held in Vienna to discuss changes and proposals proposed by Iran.

In an earlier interview, the Nuclear Negotiator, who also serves as deputy foreign minister for the Iranian Broadcasting Authority, said the general atmosphere in the talks was “very serious” and added that he was optimistic about reaching a final agreement. From the issues, however, there are a number of disagreements. ”

Ali Bagiri (Photo: REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov)

A European diplomatic source said earlier today that “Iran has announced that it is ready to work according to the texts obtained in the previous round in June. It will be put to the test in the coming days.”

However, sources in the talks continued to claim yesterday that not much has changed. “There is no progress, despite the many hours of work,” they testified, blaming Iran for its unwillingness to renew control of its nuclear sites and especially the Karaj site, where the cameras were removed. “If Iran does not guarantee access to IAEA inspectors it will be interpreted as a lack of interest in serious negotiations,” they clarified.

Indeed, Europe is pessimistic about the chances of reaching an agreement. German Foreign Minister Analina Barbuk told a news briefing: “There is no progress on the horizon. We went back six months, everything was removed from the table and time is running out. We are working hard for a diplomatic solution to save the nuclear deal.”

A senior member of the Iranian delegation told Hezbollah channel al-Miyadin that “it is the European powers that have slightly changed their position on our proposals.” According to him, this is a “good sign”. President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi Emphasized that Iran is “serious” in the nuclear talks, the official news agency IRNA reported. “We are serious about negotiations, and if the other side is also serious about removing the sanctions, we will reach a good agreement. We are definitely interested in that, “Raisi said.

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