Bombs and dozens of weapons: Police in Sweden thwarted a neo-Nazi attack

A Swedish neo-Nazi who used the avatar of the killer Anders Bering Breivik on social media and wrote about the morality of child murder, was arrested in possession of bomb-making materials that could have killed hundreds of people, the Weiss website that obtained confidential court documents revealed tonight (Tuesday-Wednesday).

Jim Holmgren, 25, was arrested on November 4, 2021 at his small farmhouse outside the town of Falcoping. Last Friday, authorities announced a series of charges for weapons possession. However, he has not been charged with terrorism, as his alleged purpose is still unknown.

According to court documents, investigators found a handgun, high-powered air rifles, components for making explosives and neo-Nazi literature. Holmgren, who is currently awaiting trial, was also allegedly involved in a Scandinavian neo-Nazi group and drew inspiration from neo-Nazis like the Atomwaffen Division, a notorious acceleration group linked to several murders.

Police also found five documents allegedly written by Holmgren about his plan, one of which was characterized as a manifesto. The document described why it is morally right for neo-Nazis to kill children, as Berwick did in 2011 when he murdered 77 people, mostly children. In another, Holmgren criticized neo-Nazi groups for not being willing to commit mass murder to advance the cause.

Meanwhile, the documents indicate that he was still in the “planning” stage and had not yet chosen a destination, several ideas were suggested. Among the options were a power station, the police station in Gothenburg, or a school. “If the crime was perfect, it would have been serious,” the indictment said, “because the preparation was intended to cause a powerful explosion in a densely populated area or in buildings of special importance.”

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