Across the power grid throughout Serbia due to snow and strong winds;  Traffic collapse in Belgrade, problems with electricity and heating
Due to bad weather, followed by heavy snowfall and strong wind, several breakdowns were registered on the electricity distribution network throughout Serbia, especially in the mountainous areas in the western and central part of the country, the Electricity Distribution of Serbia announced today.Wet and heavy snow, as well as strong winds, led to the tearing of conductors, as well as the fall of trees on the network, and all teams of Elektrodistribucija Srbije are on the ground and working intensively on troubleshooting, which is difficult due to high snow and impassable roads in mountainous landscapes, the statement said.
The most supply problems are in the Zlatibor district, as well as in the Kolubara and Moravica districts.

There are also problems in the supply due to snowfall on the territory of the Macvan district, Raska, Rasina and Jablanica districts.

The snow caused a traffic collapse in Belgrade, problems with electricity and heating

The snow that has been falling all over Serbia since this morning has caused numerous problems in traffic, but also in the supply of electricity and heating.
Roads across Serbia have been congested since this morning, traffic is difficult, and it is especially critical on the “Milos Veliki” highway, where, as the media report, snow machines have not yet passed.

The traffic on that highway is significantly congested.

Obrenovac has no heating since this morning. As it was announced from EPS, the normalization of heating in Obrenovac is expected during the day.

“Heavy snowfalls, wind and primarily extremely wet snow that melted caused problems in the delivery of coal, due to which certain blocks in the Thermal Power Plant ‘Nikola Tesla A’ were stopped. As Obrenovac is heating blocks in TENT A, heating in that area was temporarily stopped. Intensive work is being done to normalize the delivery of coal so that Obrenovac can get heating as soon as possible, “the Electric Power Industry of Serbia announced.

There has been a complete collapse in traffic in Belgrade since this morning, citizens are sharing videos of convoys of vehicles on Miljakovac, Kosutnjak, Mirijevo, King Alexander Boulevard on social networks, and there is a traffic jam on the bridge over Ada.

As Novosti reports, the approach and exit from Belgrade’s “Nikola Tesla” airport were blocked due to snow, and a convoy of vehicles was created at the entrance from the highway, but also at the exit from the airport.

Earlier today, the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, said that the services are completely ready for snow, that 90 large trucks, 20 smaller ones and 15 loading machines are available.

Roads of Serbia have sent a statement to the media several times since this morning that the roads are passable and that all teams, machinery and 1,800 road workers are on the field.

“All state roads of the first and second order in Serbia, approaches to border crossings as well as mountain centers, are currently passable and traffic is running normally throughout the country,” the Roads of Serbia said.

There are 1,800 road workers on the field and over 800 trucks and snow machines throughout Serbia.

Landslides on the Ibar highway in Beoci, traffic is in one lane

On the Ibar highway, in the town of Beoci, between Raska and Baljevac, there was a landslide of several rocks, due to which the traffic is slowed down and takes place in one lane.

As the Radio Television of Serbia reported, there were no vehicles nearby at the time of the landslide.

The road workers of the company “Novi Pazar put” are on the field, removing the landslides from the road.

Road users are calling for more careful driving because new landslides along the Ibar highway are possible.

RTS: Stuck train leaving Požega for Belgrade

The train from Požega, which left for Belgrade at 7.17, was stuck due to snow and blizzards on the railway for several hours, and as RTS reports, a bus will be sent for passengers, because the railway teams cannot reach the train.
In the canyon of Gradac near the station Lastra, near Valjevo, the teams of the Serbian Railways are making huge efforts to improve the traffic on the Belgrade Bar railway, the RTS journalist reported.

Trees fell on the railway under the weight of snow, and on that part of the railway there is a train that left Požega for Belgrade.

There are more than 30 passengers on the train and a bus will pick them up.

There is also a problem with Kosjerić due to broken trees on the railway.

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