People’s Party: Javashluk and ignorance in energy pays for the whole of Serbia
The President of the Committee of the People’s Party for Economy and Finance, Borislav Borović, stated today that unprecedented mischief, incompetence and corruption in the management of the Serbian energy sector will permanently endanger the country’s energy stability in the last ten years.

In a written statement, Borovic stated that “the consequence of the actions of that anti-profession that decides in the energy sector is the shutdown of the Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant in Obrenovac, all six in TENT-A and one in TENT-B”.

He warned that “this did not happen during the bombing of Serbia or during the great floods in Obrenovac and Serbia.”

“Neither is there enough coal that is delivered, nor is the quality of coal of approximately satisfactory quality, because more mud than coal is needed for the operation of TENT. hydraulics of excavators digging coal at the Kolubara mines “, said Borović.

He added that the problem is being solved by urgent supply of alternative fuel oil, but that it is “technologically not desirable and optimal, since fuel oil cannot provide enough power for the operation of TENT”.

“Serbia’s economy will suffer enormous damage, which will result in the payment of expensive electricity from exports, which is a direct consequence of the absence of any meaningful planning and respect for the profession in the work of the Ministry of Energy and EPS,” Borovic said.

Borović warned that the citizens will not fare any better in the cold days ahead of us, which, as he stated, “is felt by the residents of Obrenovac, because the entire municipality was left without district heating”.

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