Report in Iran: Close to understandings with the International Atomic Energy Agency

A spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry told Iranian state television today (Tuesday) that he expects Tehran to reach an understanding with the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency soon. It has led to progress and the gaps in some issues of common interest have narrowed. ”

The report comes in the shadow of the Vienna nuclear talks, which have reportedly not yet made real progress. Last night, Russia’s representative in the IAEA and in the nuclear talks even pointed an accusing finger at the Iranian representatives, saying that what had happened in the last few days in the negotiations was a waste of time. The future between the two sides.

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Trass also said during a G7 press conference yesterday that she too believes the window of opportunity is about to close, saying: “This is Iran’s last chance to reach the negotiating table. We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.” At the same time, Iranian officials have warned that the opportunities for an agreement in the current talks are coming to an end.

As you may recall, earlier today Iran first introduced a long-range cruise missile, capable of reaching distances of up to 1,300 kilometers. The missile was installed on the Russian attack aircraft Sukhoi 24 and has the capability to carry a nuclear warhead. The new weapon was unveiled during a visit by a senior Iranian military official to one of the country’s air force bases. His picture was published in the TASNIM news agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards.

The image of the missile was distributed about a day after the Iranian chief of staff threatened, who clarified last night that “the realization of the empty threats coming from Tel Aviv will be answered immediately.” For their existence. ”

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