Sovereignists: By changing the Constitution, we will lose justice

President of the Enough is Enough (DJB) movement Sasa Radulovic said today that Serbia will “lose justice” if the referendum, announced for January 16, adopts changes to the Constitution in the area of ​​justice. He emphasized that no system in which individuals elect “themselves” can be good, because the Serbian Parliament, if the changes are adopted, will no longer elect judges, but the High Judicial Council will do.

“The solution is to change the electoral system, to introduce a proportional electoral system and to elect deputies to the Serbian Parliament by name, and not to elect judges from among themselves,” he said.

He said that by changing the Constitution, it will lead to more nepotism and political corruption, because judges will be elected “behind closed doors”.

Radulovic stressed that it was important for citizens to go to the referendum on June 16 and vote against, and he told the opposition to do the same and call on citizens.

He added that the organization “Go to Change”, which participated in the organization of mass roadblocks in the previous period, should delegate citizens to guard polling stations on January 16.

The president of the Healthy Serbia party, Milan Stamatović, assessed that the announced changes to the Constitution leave the authorities in charge of “over an important branch of government”, the judiciary.

“We will not be able to control as a nation what is happening in the judiciary, as a nation we will be in great danger,” he stressed.

The president of the Living for Serbia movement, Jovana Stojković, said that there must be no political and private differences between the opposition when it comes to issues such as the Serbian Constitution.

“Globalist centers of power are trying to present nation states as incapable of coping with challenges. Serbia has a perfidious occupation octopus that prevents us from living the way we want. Changing the Constitution is just the crowning achievement of that,” she said.

The president of the Progressive Club, Cedomir Antic, said that democracy in Serbia was deficient between 2000 and 2010, but stressed that the elections were not controversial, “like in 2020”.

“At that time, few citizens came out. The government was founded on that, which gradually stifled the opposition and limited its mandate. Such a majority made it possible to introduce a referendum without a census,” he said.

The Enough is Enough movement, the Healthy Serbia party, the Living for Serbia movement and the Progressive Club are signatories of the “Declaration of the Sovereign”.

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