“Make one mistake”: An Iranian newspaper presents “targets” on its map of Israel

With the nuclear talks in Vienna in the background and the meeting between Defense Minister Gantz and his colleagues in the US – a threat to Israel was presented on the front page of the Tehran Times in the form of “targets” across the country • The newspaper quoted the Iranian chief of staff as saying: He is alert and ready for a decisive response and a quick attack against the enemy. ”

The Iranians also refer to Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi’s decision to “increase the number of soldiers in the Air Force and the Intelligence Division to prepare for an attack on Iran,” and threats by Defense Minister Gantz and Mossad chief Dedi Barnea, who said Of Iran. ”

The paper also refers to Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammed Bagheri, “Iran never underestimates the threat of the enemy.” “.

Bagheri noted that the Iranian army: “is in maximum vigilance consistent with the situation of the enemy.” Iran, he claims, does not intend to harm anyone – at the strategic level, but at the operational and tactical level “Iran is ready for a decisive response and a quick and tough attack against the enemy.”

The Tehran Times also notes the IDF military exercise planned for the spring: “A large-scale exercise by the Israeli army over the Mediterranean, with dozens of planes simulating an attack on Iran’s nuclear program.” Nuclear talks in Vienna.

“Countries are now in Vienna to diplomatically examine ways to remove illegal sanctions on Iran,” the paper said. “The disturbing Israeli moves are not a mystery to the negotiators.” Among the countries participating in the talks, Germany is described as a “fan of Israel” and Britain is nicknamed “a collaborator with Israel in the talks”.

“The Tehran Times should not remind Israel of the ‘illegitimate’ regime of Iran’s defense capabilities,” the newspaper concluded. “Still, they need to remember something. The leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, responded to all the Israeli threats in 2013. He said that ‘sometimes the leaders of the Zionist regime even threaten to harm us militarily, but I think they know it, and if they do not They know this – they must know that if they make a mistake, the Islamic Republic will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa.”

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