Netanyahu’s son compares opposition protesters to Nazi ‘brownshirts’

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has compared this Saturday the protesters against the judicial reform with the “brown shirts” Nazis.

“The process that Israel is experiencing is comparable to that of Germany in the 1930s (…). What happened in Germany in the 1930s? There were paid thugs responsible for political terrorism on the streets. There were no deaths, no assassination,” he said in an interview with Galey Yisrael radio station.

“Political terror with intimidation, with violence, with attacks against public order and the intimidation of citizens. They created chaos and their party came to power in an undemocratic way,” he said.

Yair Netanyahu has thus compared the Nazi rise to power with the protests. “There were members of the SS in the polling stations who beat up those who tried to vote for another party. They burned the Reichstag just like now they have tried to burn the Knesset,” he added.

He has also rejected the “ridiculous” accusations of Nazism. “They are the ones who say there is a dictatorship. They are the ones leading Israel towards fascism. They are the ones who use the same methods as the black shirts in Italy and, it is hard to say, the SA in Germany,” he pointed out. .

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