Trial against former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan postponed, supporters attack police

Pakistan’s opposition leader Imran Khan was forced to leave a crucial court hearing on Saturday after hundreds of his supporters rioted inside and outside the courthouse in the capital, Islamabad. His lawyer Khawaja Harris said the trial was canceled on Saturday.

The court would indict Khan on Saturday for several acts of corruption, including stealing expensive gifts other countries gave to the Pakistani state. However, the trial could not start because supporters of Khan attacked the police at the entrance of the courthouse.

A conviction could result in Khan being barred from holding any public office in the future. He also faces a prison sentence of up to three years.

The supporters of the former prime minister threw stones, petrol bombs and pieces of bricks at the police officers standing guard outside the courthouse. The hearing was postponed until March 30, a court official said.

The Islamabad court issued warrants for Khan’s arrest last month after he holed up at his home in Lahore for weeks and stayed away from two court hearings. His supporters also threw stones and petrol bombs at the house at the police officers who tried to arrest the former prime minister.

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