Several hundred people at a demonstration against arms deliveries in Berlin

Several hundred people took to the streets in Berlin-Neukölln on Saturday against arms deliveries. An “Alliance for Peace” called for the demonstration, which, according to its website, includes the party “Die Basis”, the “Freie Linke” and the initiative “Artisans for Peace”.

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According to the police, up to 600 people took part in the demo, starting and finishing at Hermannplatz. At the final rally, there were still about half. At the edge of the elevator, there were counter-protests from left-wing groups at various points, who spoke on Twitter of a “conspiracy ideological” and “right-wing” demonstration. According to the police, everything remained peaceful.

The demonstration had nothing to do with the protest of hundreds of people against the planned coalition of the CDU and SPD in Berlin. This had also started at Hermannplatz a few hours earlier.

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