“Ready to return to the front”: Ukrainian children deported to Russia

The Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Maria Alekseevna Levova, has been placed under arrest as of today (Saturday). This comes after being charged with war crimes and having Ukrainian children forcibly deported to Russia. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is shown in a video asking Lavoba, “Did you adopt a child from Mariupol?” in a post on local social media.

Levova claimed that she was the “savior” of the Ukrainian youngsters, who she said fell into “Russia’s special operation”. Many contend that the Russian incursion is a cover for the Kremlin’s intention to expel Ukrainian children from the areas it has invaded. As previously noted, the commissioner is seen telling the president in a video made last month that she adopted a 15-year-old kid from Mariupol, one of the cities that sustained the most severe destruction during the conflict.

She also said to Bubba that she is “grateful” to Putin for giving her a child. She said, “It’s complicated, but we love each other, and I think we’ll get through it.” She is the guardian of 22 children, the majority of whom are adopted, according to a program that aired on the British Sky News network in the interim.

Recently, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia all put sanctions on Russia’s Presidential Committee for Children’s Rights. She claimed that 30 children “were found in basements in Mariupol” and were transported to Moscow by special Russian forces that worked in the city for a month in May in a recent address she gave in the Kremlin. She said that, “The Ukrainian national song was sung, and the kids made disparaging remarks about Putin. After then, the unfavorable mentality against Russia evolved into a profound affection.” She further claimed that 370 youngsters had been sent to Russia for “rehabilitation” language and history training, adding that they are now “ready to go and fight on the front line.”

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