According to Lauterbach, the Biontech vaccine is already in short supply. “We can deliver 1.2 million cans of Biontech for the whole of Germany in the next week, 800,000 cans the following week and then another 1.2 million cans,” Lauterbach said on Wednesday evening ZDF. Even in the first quarter of next year there will not be enough vaccine.

The quota is clearly too low for current needs. The amount is “much less than what the doctors call up every week,” said Lauterbach. In order to be able to deliver the vaccine, the reserves would have to be emptied. “We pour everything out here. Because the campaign has to go as well as it can.”


In response, the new federal government wants to buy more than 90 million doses of the Biontech vaccine. The CDU accused Lauterbach of shouting “fire” in order to then play the fire brigade.

Now the SPD politician explained to the approximately three million Biontech cans in the next three weeks that he had broken up the available amount. The idea is that a lot will be vaccinated in the coming week, a little less during the week of Christmas and then more. “There is simply not more to it,” said Lauterbach. “We cannot serve the doctors who are now ordering more.”

The new health minister said: “I am now trying to buy back vaccine from Eastern European countries as an emergency.” Some of the serum delivered there cannot be inoculated. The Moderna vaccine is currently still in sufficient quantities. The problem here is that the quantities drop very sharply from January onwards. “What we have now secured is 1.5 million doses a week. And so I have to do something.”

Amount not designed for a booster campaign

The SPD politician emphasized that the communication about vaccine shortages was not a reproach against his predecessor Jens Spahn (CDU). There was also enough vaccine available throughout the year – but not for a very fast booster campaign.

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