Putin and Xi Jinping agree on cooperation between Russia and China to fight Western pressure on countries

The leaders agreed to work together collaboratively to protect the security interests of their countries amid high tensions with the US and Europe.

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have agreed to delay Western intrusion into their countries ‘internal affairs and step up efforts to protect their countries’ security interests, while strengthening cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, both facing US pressure “in Europe.

Mr Putin told Mr Shai during a video conference on Wednesday that Russia and China had developed a model of cooperation based in part on “principles of non-interference in each other’s affairs and mutual determination to make our common border a belt of eternal and good peace,” the Kremlin quoted Mr Putin as saying. .

Mr. Shay accused “certain forces in the world” of interfering in the internal affairs of the two countries under the pretext of democracy and human rights. He told Mr Putin that “efforts should be made to forcefully reject the hegemonic acts and the Cold War mentality the West has declared for the countries,” according to a statement from China’s Foreign Ministry.

The two leaders spoke out against pressure from the West over “alleged criminal behavior” between the two countries. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization recently accused Russia of amassing troops on its border with Ukraine as a prelude to invasion of its smaller neighbor. Foreign ministers from the group of seven countries – an intergovernmental organization made up of the world’s largest developed economies – have warned the Kremlin of serious consequences if Russia invades Ukraine, an invasion that Moscow denies it is planning.

China, meanwhile, has faced criticism of oppression of the Uyghur minority and other human rights violations, accusations that Beijing denies. The Biden administration said earlier this month that it would not allow American athletes to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in February. Other countries, including Britain and Australia, have said they will join the diplomatic boycott.

The Kremlin has raised concerns about NATO’s influence in Ukraine and military deployment in neighboring countries. In its traditional space of influence.

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushkov told reporters that Mr Putin had informed Mr Shai that concrete proposals including legal guarantees for Russia’s security had been presented to US representatives by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. Moscow’s concerns, Mr Ushkov said.

Mr. Putin also told Mr. Shay that he plans to attend the opening of the Winter Games and looks forward to a personal personal meeting between them, Mr. Ushkov said.

Mr. Xi did not travel outside China during the plague, and there are only virtual meetings with foreign leaders. Mr Putin’s visit to Beijing will be the first face – to – face meeting between the two leaders in two years. Mr Shi said he hoped the event would allow for “in-depth discussions on bilateral relations and key international and regional issues, and reach new and more important common understandings,” China’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

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