Japan: Fear of dozens killed in fire at psychiatric clinic
Japanese media report at least 27 people killed in a fire that broke out in a high-rise building in the city of Osaka • Police are investigating evidence of an elderly man pouring flammable liquid and setting fire to the fire • Witness:

In Japan, it is feared that at least 27 people were killed today (Friday) in a fire that broke out in a psychiatric clinic in the city of Osaka. Local police are investigating the suspicion that this was an intentional arson.

According to media reports in Japan, a number of people testify that they saw an elderly man enter the scene with a bag full of flammable liquid – and ignite the fire. The fire broke out shortly after the clinic, which is stunned on the fourth floor of a high-rise building, opened at 10 p.m. According to a report by the Japanese Public Broadcasting (NHK) the fire was extinguished for the most part within about half an hour.

Dozens killed in a fire that broke out in Osaka, Japan (Photo: Reuters)
The office building where the fire broke out | Photo: Reuters

The NHK reported that the building where the fire broke out is located in a commercial district of the city, not far from Osaka Central Railway Station. In addition to the psychiatric clinic, the building also contains a beauty salon, a clothing store and an English school. An eyewitness interviewed for the public broadcast said he saw a woman calling for help from one of the windows.

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