The Democratic Party ‘collects’ the agreement on relocations but dem cautious

An amendment to the Budget Law: this is the regulatory instrument chosen by the government to put its hand to node of the relocation of companies in Italy.

A measure strongly sought by the center-left and welcomed with satisfaction by the Pd, M5s and Leu.

But caution reigns among the ranks of the Democratic Party and the rest of the center-left and doubts are not hidden. The Democratic Party just today dedicated a session of the Agora to this issue, with the secretary Enrico Letta who underlines: “We have arrived at the point: in my opinion it is ripe, absolutely mature, the time for Italy to take an important step forward. For us, intervening on this issue means giving value to work and territories “.

Not only that: “Important choices regarding work have arrived from Brussels. Fundamental messages are arriving from Europe, the contract for riders is fundamental and the theme of lifelong training is revolutionary. It is good that even in Italy it takes steps forward on relocations, the Democratic Party is in the field and strongly supports the work of Minister Orlando “.

And the minister of labor, connected remotely with the participants in the Agora, underlines how important it is to take the opportunity: “The budget law could be the last useful slot for regulatory intervention before the election of the President of the Republic. Monday, I hope there is room to have this discussion again “.

Pierluigi Bersani invites us to accompany this process with a European battle on the subject of work: “I would suggest that while we produce these standards, if we produce them, we immediately raise the European issue. Not because there is ongoing dumping, but to immediately give the idea that we do not want an Italian recipe, we do not want close. Italy raises a problem that will gradually affect the European dimension “. in short, before celebrating, the dem are waiting to see what will happen in the Senate Commission and what will be the moves of the other part of the majority that supports the government.

The M5s president, Giuseppe Conte, expresses satisfaction “for the agreement reached in the government on the amendment to the maneuver on relocations” and explains that it is “a synthesis that does not want to be punitive for companies and that does not want to chain them in any way .

It is a reasonable solution, which involves respecting a path, which protects the workers and which puts, he concludes. The law provides for a path that precedes the opening of the dismissal procedures and a strengthening of the sanctions for companies that move abroad. Stakes that allow the executive to buy time in crisis management.

After the many ‘stop and go’ recorded since last summer, the ministers of Labor and Economic Development, Andrea Orlando and Giancarlo Giorgetti, have also found the right balance on the issue of sanctions for those who do not respect the rescue path of the factory: if a company is in default and does not submit the restructuring plan or the elements are missing from the plan, it will be required to pay double the penalty envisaged today through the contribution for dismissal.

This is what the draft amendment that the government will present in the next few hours in the Senate Budget Committee.

The Fornero law provides that in all cases of termination of an employment relationship for an indefinite period for reasons other than resignation, a sum equal to 50 percent of the initial monthly treatment of ASpI for every twelve months of seniority in the company in the last three years. The foreseen contribution is equal to 41% of the monthly ceiling of ASpI (now NASpI) for twelve months of company seniority in the last three years. In the event of failure to submit the relocation plan, or in the event that the plan does not contain the necessary elements, or the company is in default with respect to the commitments undertaken, the times and methods of implementation of the plan itself, it is required to pay this contribution “in an amount equal to double”.

In case of unsubscribe the trade union agreement, on the other hand, means the living of thousands of workers “, observes Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left.” Going away and firing becomes even more a freedom that can be bought with money. In recent months the government could open a confrontation with the trade unions and with the Parliament. Instead, there is an amendment to the maneuver “, Fratoianni comments.

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