USA: Willing to discuss F.35 aircraft with the UAE

Anthony Blinken: “We wanted to be sure that we can thoroughly test technologies that are sold or transferred to other parties in the region.”

The United States is ready to move forward with the realization of the sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the UAE. “But Washington has sought to make some inquiries, such as, for example, on maintaining our commitment to Israel to ensure that its quality superiority is maintained,” said Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in a speech in Kuala Lumpur.

“We wanted to be sure we could thoroughly test any type of technology sold or transferred to other parties in the region. But I think we will continue to be ready to move forward with the UAE deal if it wants to continue,” he said in a statement.

A trusted source told Reuters that in recent months there have been discussions between the US and the UAE on issues such as how they will operate the elusive fighter jets and those from the sophisticated technologies of the F-35 aircraft the EU will be allowed to have at its disposal.

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