Mattarella greets the ambassadors: "Today is a farewell occasion"

It is with great pleasure that I return to welcome you to the Quirinale for the end of year greeting. Today, for me, is also an opportunity to say goodbye. “This was said by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, at the congratulations ceremony by the Diplomatic Corps at the Quirinale.

“My wish – said the Head of State – is for a 2022 that allows our peoples to treasure the lessons we have learned in these two yearsi, for a better future “.

“We can only save ourselves by acting all together”. Said the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “In the year that is drawing to a close, the effects of the pandemic have continued to affect all of us indiscriminately, on every continent, making it increasingly evident that the answers to the challenges of the present moment transcend national borders. Our destinies, those of the planet and of the whole humanity are inextricably linked “.

For the head of state “with its burden of suffering for millions of our fellow citizens, the pandemic has painfully reminded us that thehe international cooperation and solidarity are not only possible options but resolutive needs “. And “purely national approaches have no hope of success”.

“We are facing – with suffering but with increasing effectiveness – a common danger for mankind that has caused grief everywhere and placed the economies and societies of all continents in crisis. Facing it is made possible by the work of the international scientific community which has collaborated in an open and integrated way beyond the borders, exchanging knowledge, experiences, discoveries “underlined the President.

And if “this pandemic raises the fear that others may arise” then “it is essential that the international scientific collaboration, which is continuing, be accompanied by mutual openness to collaboration by states in the international community. In every area “.

“What more convincing reminder of the grave common dangers we run to urge in this direction?” Mattarella asked himself, for whom “the need to relaunch, at all latitudes, should be feltni, the reflection on the role that the multilateral system and its institutions currently play and about the prospects for reform that can be presented to make it more effective “.

“For the Italian Republic, the constituent fathers affirmed the path of multilateralism“the Head of State recalled.” An international system which rejects the violent settlement of disputes and which ensures – through legal certainty – peace, freedom and respect for human rights, is the only one in which all the peoples of the earth can reflect yourself adequately “.

“Italy supports a supportive and cooperative approach in the fight against the virus – said President Mattarella – and the renewed commitment of the European Union, as part of the Covax project, to achieve the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population in 2022 world”.

“Climate change must be tackled with fair and sustainable environmental policies” – Mattarella added –  and “the necessary process of energy transition can represent a real accelerator for a strengthened international technological cooperation that takes into account the interests of all and leaves no one behind”.

For the head of state, “the investments required may appear huge but the” return “in terms of public health, employment, quality of life and environmental protection is – and will be – certainly higher. Reaching the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 is a mission that requires determination and consistency. It presupposes targeted interventions in the short term, significant changes in personal habits in the medium and large structural changes in the long term. However, it offers in return great opportunities in terms of inclusive and sustainable growth as well as social and intergenerational equity “.

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