More than 100 dead and thousands displaced: Typhoon damage in the Philippines is revealed

The scale of the devastation after a severe typhoon hit the Philippines over the weekend began to be revealed today (Sunday) when the death toll reached more than 100 people and entire areas were completely destroyed.

Typhoon Rai, the strongest hitting the Philippines this year, has been raging since Thursday in the islands’ southern archipelago and in its center with heavy rains and 195 km / h winds that knocked down power and communication poles and tossed roofs. More than 300,000 people were forced to flee their homes.

Typhoon Damage in the Philippines (Photo: Marco J. Dagasuhan / via REUTERS)

Large rescue forces reached the affected areas and began assisting survivors and searching for victims and missing persons, with photographs showing extensive damage. “Walls and roofs have collapsed and flown like paper,” said Arlene Bug-o, the governor of the Dinget Islands in the southeast of the country. “The fields and boats of our farmers and fishermen were destroyed. We lost our homes. We have a shortage of food and water.”

“Homes, hospitals, schools and community buildings have been demolished,” said the country’s Red Cross representative Richard Gordon, who noted that volunteers are working in the field to help residents who have lost all their property.

The death toll stands at more than 120 people, most of them in Bohol province in the central Philippines, where more than seventy victims have been reported. However, the concern is that the number of casualties is higher as there are no reports from all areas and due to mudslides and rocks.

The powerful typhoon reached the end of the active season, which usually peaks between July and October. Every year, there are about twenty storms and typhoons on average that hit the Philippines and the deadliest typhoon to date has been the Ian that left more than 6,000 dead eight years ago.

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