The Together for Serbia (ZZS) party warned that two days had passed since “thugs of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in Sabac issued a warrant for the arrest of a boy, lawyer Aleksandar Mijailovic and journalist Isidor Kovacevic, and none of the authorities or authorities responded. “.

The ZZS states in today’s announcement that “it is inadmissible for the prosecution and the police to remain silent on such cases, because silence in this situation is a clear sign of approval.”

“Serbia has become the worst film scene in the Wild West, where thugs walk the streets freely, excavators attack citizens, and arrest warrants stick to flagpoles and trees. What we fear is the scenario of ‘bounty hunters’ appearing.” statement.

ZZS reminds that the European Parliament passed a resolution on Serbia a few days ago, in which they pointed out that all human rights are violated and that there is no democracy, on which occasion an appeal was sent to all international institutions and organizations “to declare and condemn persecution of citizens target and issuing arrest warrants “.

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