Díaz.Canel criticizes the “‘miamization’ of Madrid ‘” after the arrival of Yunior García

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has questioned the “notoriety” acquired in Spain by the playwright Yunior García, promoter of the opposition protests of November 15, and has assured that the support that this dissident has received since his arrival in Europe shows the “‘miamization’ of Madrid”, making a play on words with the city of Florida.

Díaz-Canel alluded to the latest protests in the closing speech of the III Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), in which he once again criticized those who sought, in his opinion, the “social outbreak”. a “destabilizing plan that has not yet ceased.”

According to this plan, the “climax” should have taken place on November 15, but according to Díaz-Canel “it was the last day of a highly rehearsed play that was never released”, in a speech marked by theatrical metaphors and in con veiled allusions to Garcia.

“The articulator of the interrupted theatrical act”, he pointed out, has acquired “a certain notoriety” in Spain, the country to which García arrived on November 17. Díaz-Canel has assured that the “employers” of this “mercenary” try to take advantage of “putting cameras and microphones on him” so that he can give his version.

“In what some analysts call” the ‘miamization’ of Madrid “, the hard right of the old metropolis is competing with the unpresentable anti-Cuban politicians in Miami,” said the Cuban president, who believes that behind “this new theatrical season “There is a will to restore the Common Position of the European Union, which for years limited relations with Cuba.

In recent weeks, the Cuban opposition has demanded more political force from the EU and even Guillermo Fariñas and Berta Soler, recognized with the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for freedom of conscience, have threatened to renounce the award if there are no changes in the short term. .

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