$ 1.5 – 2 trillion: Iranian commentator reveals the cost of the Iranian nuclear project

An Iranian commentator writes in a Tehran newspaper that “according to existing estimates, the cost of Iran’s nuclear program (so far) stands at $ 1.5-2 trillion.”

Hani Hassan-Zada, the commentator on international affairs, published a critical article (4.12) in the newspaper Arman-e Meli, emphasizing that 60 years ago when during the Shah Fahalwi, the establishment of a nuclear program in Iran was first discussed by Shah officials, experts and professionals in the country’s planning and budget organization Opposed it and stressed that if the goal is just economic gains like power supply, the cost is unjustified, and now it turns out they were right.

The article cites as an example the process of setting up the Bushehr reactor, noting that governments in Iran’s history have so far allocated at least $ 10 billion to the aforementioned reactor, while the cost of such a reactor should have been about $ 2 billion.

Hassan-Zada notes that the Bushehr reactor has so far provided only 1,000 megawatts of electricity to Iran, still under the management of professionals from Russia and non-Iranians, although with credit given to Iran in the amount of $ 10 billion, 20 50-megawatt gas-fired power plants could be built.

The commentator mentioned that the Bushehr power plant was supposed to supply 20,000 megawatts of electricity since 2000, but this did not happen and governments in Iran continued to throw money into a bottomless pit to complete the station.

The commentator added that if the costs of the nuclear program were limited to the above amounts and it would have reached its original destination of electricity supply, it might still have been justified, but according to existing estimates, it can be guessed that the cost of Iran’s nuclear program (so far) is $ 1.5 to $ 2 trillion.

The commentator emphasizes that Iran’s return to Vienna talks under the Ibrahim Raisi government and the composition of those who opposed the JCPOA is a positive and clear step that the talks can not be expected to end soon, but the question every Iranian should ask himself and the government to answer is what policy Of the Islamic Republic towards the nuclear program.

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