Mystery in Argentina: Jew brutally murdered in a luxury neighborhood in Buenos Aires

Shaul Hilu, 77, was staying at his home when 3 people managed to enter his building. The police found the apartment completely upside down and a white foam fire extinguisher was around the place, it is estimated that Hilo resisted them and they in response forced and strangled him to death

A mystery surrounding the murder of a 77-year-old Jew, Shaul Hilu, who lives in a luxury neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The murder took place on the night between Saturday and Sunday when three people were seen entering the complex of the upscale neighborhood and 20 minutes later leaving and disappearing. According to the suspicion of the three, the three managed to enter the building with a magnetic card and so did Hilo’s house.

Police investigators in Buenos Aires found that the apartment was completely upside down and a white foam fire extinguisher was all over the place. “It is estimated that the man tried to resist the criminals and those in response forced him and strangled him to death so that he would not disturb them,” explained a police source.

Hilu’s body was taken for autopsy at the Institute of Forensic Medicine to find out the reasons for his death. Hilu is a retiree who previously played football for the Racing Club and stood by her hair. His family members including his children and grandchildren also live in Buenos Aires.

“This is a very strange event. Murders usually take place outside the capital, Buenos Aires. This is another luxury neighborhood that is secure. Very strange, what were they looking for in him? Still he is not a rich man,” said the president of the Argentine Jewish Communities Council, Eliyahu Hamara. “We hope that the police will catch the killers and bring them to justice. This is a very serious case.”

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